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Hendricks College Network

Hendricks College Network


About Us

Hendricks College Network is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization serving as a post secondary education resource for area residents, businesses and community organizations. Our mission is “Connecting the community with opportunities through education and training”. We provide access to and support for post secondary education, business training, and workforce development in Hendricks County and the surrounding region.

These are some of the ways we meet our mission:

Serving as an education resource for area residents, businesses, and community organizations

Facilitating the move of multiple colleges into Hendricks County

Providing accessible training through the years

Counseling hundreds of individuals in educational pathways and career options

Providing resources to new businesses to ensure skilled workforce

Advising employers on training options for employees

Hosting College & Career Fairs

Helping students access financial aid

Education provides a practical, positive way for people and organizations to respond to the challenges facing our county, and to improve the quality of life in our communities. Often, however, time, cost, distance, and fear can present obstacles to pursuing a degree or additional training. Hendricks College Network exists to help overcome those obstacles by connecting people and organizations with educational programs, resources, and information. We bring a world of educational opportunities to Hendricks County.

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