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Edward Jones- Greg VanLaere

Edward Jones- Greg VanLaere

Financial & Investment Services

About Us

Life is about living, and achieving your financial goals lets you do that on your terms. A dedicated financial partner can help bring you closer to the future you see for yourself. And since our finances touch nearly every aspect of our lives, a financial advisor can have a positive impact not only on your own financial well-being, but also on your loved ones, future generations and even your community.

How? Edward Jones financial advisors use a personal, straightforward and long-term approach to investing, focusing first on understanding your unique goals and then on developing diversified investment strategies designed to help you reach your goals.

Although you can’t predict the future, you can prepare. Your financial advisor can help you plan ahead by including expectations for items such as inflation, market declines and health care so you can stay on track.

The investment world is filled with a dizzying array of products and investment strategies. A financial advisor can help you cut through the clutter by:

Identifying quality, diversified investment products

Building a customized financial strategy that works for your goals and comfort with risk

Providing the knowledge and guidance you need to feel confident, informed and in control of your future

Communicating with you to identify changes over time and to keep you on track

What’s more, a financial advisor can help take your financial strategy to the next level by working with tax professionals, estate attorneys and insurance specialists. Together your team of partners can help create a comprehensive approach

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