Symphony in Ellis Park Committee

Symphony in Ellis Park Committee
AnnaMarie Fallon
Danville Tri Kappa
Adam Scott
Hendricks Regional Health
Gary Eakin
Town of Danville
Laura Parker
Town of Danville
Assistant Town Manager
Marcia Lynch
Lynch, Marcia
Executive Director
Marcia has been the Executive Director of the Greater Danville Chamber of Commerce since January of 2011. She has over 31 years of business experience to help her understand the needs of the small business owners and operators.  

Marcia also serves on the Danville Town Council. She lives in Danville with her husband Dan where she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren as well as knitting and quilting.
Peg Glover
Glover, Peg
Charlotte Frazeur
White Lick Creek by Redwood
Community Manager - Elmwood Neighborhood
I love Hendricks County! I was born & raised in Plainfield, I have lived in Avon for the past 20 years and now I am fortunate enough to work in the hendricks county area! 
Shelby Marshall
Event Coordinator