Members and Mugs

Members and Mugs Networking Event
Casey Trojnar
American Cancer Society
Judy Sexton
Bread Basket Café & Bakery
Kevin Hill
NFP / City Securities Insurance
Account Executive
Dr. Tracey Shafer
Danville Community School Corporation
Rodney Myers
Digital Rain, LLC
Chief Video Storyteller
Greg VanLaere
Edward Jones
Jade Gruner
Heat & Cool
Rick Myers
Hendricks County Business Leader / Hendricks County ICON
Dave Giltner
Hendricks County Home Magazine
Luke Stephenson
Hendricks County Learning Academy
Heath Allen
North Salem State Bank
Commercial Loan Officer
Eric Oliver
Oliver & Cline LLP
Nicolas Quintana
QBS AsBuilts
Owner, Designer, Wisconsin Architect
Tracie Shearer
Royal Theater
Deborah Hadley
Alex Hershey
The Branches Community Church
Nick Butts
Image One Lawn Care
Beth Cherry
Cherry, Beth E.
Nancy Phipps
Danville Community School Corporation
Brett Clark
Hendricks County Sheriff's Office
Eric Miller
Direct Wholesale Products
Nicole Kendall
Town Planner Community Calendar
Marcia Lynch
Lynch, Marcia
Executive Director
Marcia has been the Executive Director of the Greater Danville Chamber of Commerce since January of 2011. She has over 31 years of business experience to help her understand the needs of the small business owners and operators.  

Marcia also serves on the Danville Town Council. She lives in Danville with her husband Dan where she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren as well as knitting and quilting.
Heather Hillman
Danville Jr. Cheerleading League
Charles Green
North Salem State Bank
Vice President Mortgage Banking
Camrand Tucker
R & I Home Services LLC
Professional Home Inspector
Tracie Shearer
The Marmalade Sky
Amanda Fulwider
North Salem State Bank
Danville Main Branch Manager
Wendy Sisk
North Salem State Bank
Danville Main Assistant Branch Manager
Cathy Myers
Hendricks County Business Leader / Hendricks County ICON
Sherri Reagin
North Salem State Bank
Scott Elamon
Hendricks County Bank & Trust
Mortgage Loan Officer
Andrew Schwarz
Heat & Cool
Brian Bewley
Charlotte Frazeur
White Lick Creek by Redwood
Community Manager
I love Hendricks County! I was born & raised in Plainfield, I have lived in Avon for the past 20 years and now I am fortunate enough to work in Danville!
Jane Bailey
Safe Hiring Solutions
HR Specialist
I have 20+ years of HR experience, primarily in the airline and legal industry. I also have 5+ years of experience in the retail/resale business, while owning my own business. 
Specialties: Customer service, sales, recruiting, benefits administration and wellness administration.